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LCCI - Hernando de Soto Region

Mid South Gay Car Group


Hernando de Soto Midsouth Region Bylaws


  • The name of this organization is “Hernando de Soto Midsouth Region LCCI” (hereinafter referred to as “the Region”) effective January 2015, based on a vote of the membership. The name honors Hernando Desoto who explored the areas of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas covered by the Region.  Our purpose is the enjoyment of and exchange of information about collectible and special interest vehicles, combined with social fellowship by gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender persons & their allies interested in such vehicles. Ownership of a Collectible or special interest vehicle is NOT required. CONSTITUTION

  • The Region shall use as its Constitution that of our parent organization, the Lambda Car Club International, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the “International Organization”).


  • Any person 18 years of age or older who subscribes to the Club purpose, completes an appropriate application, and pays the annual dues for Full Membership becomes a Full Member. [From National def.]

  • All Members of the Region shall maintain concurrent membership in the International Organization.

  • Members shall maintain liability insurance coverage on all vehicles driven on Region events. If requested, Members must be able to supply proof of coverage.

  • Members in good standing may vote to elect Directors at the Bi-Annual Electoral Meeting and are entitled to run for office, except that Members who are spouses, partners or companions of each other may not serve as Directors during the same year unless authorized by the remainder of the board.

  • Members may bring guests to Region events.  Members are responsible for the actions of their guests. Individual guests will be welcome to attend up to two (2) club sanctioned events before they will be asked to apply for membership to LCCI.

  • Associate Membership is available to spouses, partners or companions of Members in good standing, provided they are eighteen years of age, are named in the Member's membership application, and pay the annual dues for Associate Membership. Associate Members have full voting rights but do not receive separate mailings. Associate Members may become Full Members at any time by payment of additional dues, as set by the Board of Directors.

  • The Membership Year runs from January 1 to December 31 of each year.

  • Any community within the Region (TN, MS, & AR) that has four or more Members of the Region living in the area may have a Coordinator appointed by the Board of Directors. This Coordinator will be the focal point for communication between the Board and the local membership and will be responsible for leading activities of the Region that are planned in that area, unless other persons are appointed by the Board to be responsible for specific projects and/or activities.

  • The Board of Directors may, by majority vote of the entire Board, propose the expulsion of any Member for conduct harmful to the Region or to the reputation of the Region. Such expulsion will become effective only upon ratification by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at the next business meeting.


  • All Members of the Region shall pay annual membership dues to remain in good standing for the current Membership Year.

  • For their Region dues, Members shall receive the Region newsletter, the Region Directory, and are entitled to participate in all Region events and to attend all Region meetings.

  • New Members shall pay the full amount for dues in the International Organization and Region regardless of what time of year they join. New Members that join between October 1 and December 31 shall be considered in good standing through the following Membership Year.

  • Current Members shall be expected to renew both their International Organization and Region dues through the International Organization website or the Region Treasurer by March 1 of each year. Those failing to do so will be dropped from the membership rolls.

  • Region membership dues shall be set by the Board of Directors.

  • Members may choose to participate in as many Regional chapters as they wish, provided that they pay each additional Region’s annual dues [Art. V.2 International bylaws.]


  • The Region is governed by its Board of Directors (the Board), who double as the Officers of the Region. The Board shall have primary responsibility for carrying on the business of the Region and shall exercise all the normal and customary authority accorded to a Board of Directors.

  • At the Region Meeting in January of Odd-Numbered Years, the Members of the Region shall install five Directors for a term of office that runs from January 1 of that year to December 31 of the following year.

  • Terms of office:

    Term of office for Directors is two years.

    Directors may serve up to a maximum of four consecutive years, regardless of position. Board members who wish to serve again may do so, following a one-year absence from the Board, unless their position is unopposed and they wish to continue serving.

  • Any Member in good standing is eligible for election to the Board, except as governed by the restriction outlined in Section III.E above.

  • Nominations may be made in the following ways:

    Any Member in good standing may nominate another Member at the Region's business meeting in October of even-numbered years.

    Any Member in good standing may nominate another Member at the Bi-Annual Electoral Annual Meeting in November of even-numbered years.

    Any Member in good standing may self-nominate at either of the above meetings

  • Directors may be removed for good cause, for malfeasance, or for misfeasance by a two-thirds vote of the membership of the Region.

  • Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by vote of the remaining members of the Board for the remainder of the term of election until the Members of the Region elect new Directors at the following Electoral Meeting.

  • The Board shall be responsible for ensuring that a newsletter is published for the Region no less than quarterly.  The Newsletter Editor shall be appointed by the Board.  In the event that the Region's Newsletter Editor is unable to publish for any reason, the Board will produce the newsletter.


A. On January 1 of each odd numbered year (or as soon thereafter as practical), the newly-elected Board shall meet, with the outgoing board.  The positions to be filled and responsibilities of these positions are:

1. President

  • Shall preside at meetings of the Board

  • Shall call meetings of the Board as necessary to carry on the business of the Region

  • Shall generally lead the Region and represent the Region in dealings with the International Organization, other groups and with the public

  • Shall make assignments as necessary for the benefit of the Region

  • Shall contribute at least one article to the Newsletter Editor


2. Vice President / Activities Director

  • Shall perform the duties of the Chairman/President in the event of his/her absence

  • Shall organize and oversee activities and events of the Region

  • Shall perform such duties as the Board of Directors or President may assign  [From National]

  • Shall contribute at least one article to the Newsletter Editor


3. Secretary

  • Shall take attendance at all meetings

  • Shall take minutes at Board meetings, Annual meetings, and business meetings

  • Shall maintain all correspondence on behalf of the Region

  • Shall contribute at least one article to the Newsletter Editor


4. Treasurer

  • Shall maintain a ledger or spreadsheet of Region finances

  • Shall collect and disburse the funds of the Region as may be ordered by the Board of Directors [From National]

  • Shall give a brief report of transactions at each business meeting

  • Shall render written financial reports to the Annual Meeting and at the end of the Club's fiscal year, and at such other times as the President may request

  • Shall contribute at least one article to the Newsletter Editor.


5. Membership Coordinator

  • Shall maintain the Region Roster

  • Shall publish and distribute a Region Directory at least once per year

  • Shall furnish membership information for prospective members

  • Shall maintain contact with new & prospective members from club functions or correspondence

  • Contribute at least one article to the Newsletter Editor


6. Member-At-Large:

  • There may be up to three (3) Members-At-Large elected by the Membership.

    Member-At-Large duties are up to the discretion of the President and/or Board of Directors.



  • Business meetings of the Region shall be held on a monthly basis or as the membership and the Board of Directors shall deem necessary to plan and produce events and to carry out the general business of the Region.  Presently, they are held the 3rd Tuesday [To be determined] of every month.

  • There shall be an Annual Meeting of the general membership in January of each year.

  • All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be open to the general membership.


  • Events shall be planned by Event Committees composed of volunteers and persons appointed by the Region Vice President. Members are encouraged to participate as much as possible as committee members or on support teams.

  • Insurance for Region events will be covered under the liability policy of our International Organization. In keeping with that policy, the Region shall furnish no alcoholic beverages at any event, although members may provide their own such beverages if the event permits.


  • Amendments to the By-Laws shall be proposed by the general membership to the Board of Directors

  • Amendments may be considered at any regular business meeting, provided that notice of proposed amendments has been published in the Region newsletter no fewer than 30 days previous to that meeting.

  • Amendments shall be approved by a “yea” vote of two-thirds of the Members in attendance at such meeting


  • The Region shall adhere to operating policies as set forth by the International Organization, herein attached by reference.  [Added for compliance]

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